• Shannon Stambaugh

3 Ways to Drive Safe around a Horse Trailer

If there is a horse trailer behind my truck, chances are, my pride and joy is riding back there; my best friend, my teammate, my partner, and my whole world.

Trailering horses takes a lot of time, patience, and extreme caution as it is. Many horses do not enjoy being trailered, many are scared, and many take HOURS to get to go onto the trailer. It is my job as an owner and a partner to make sure my horse gets from Point A to Point B safely and with as less stress as possible. The last thing I need is a bunch of idiots driving down the road next to, in front of, or beside me.

Here’s how you can help keep me, my horses, and yourself safe.

1. Understand that I will be driving slower than normal. My turns will be about 15 mph- yes I know the sign says 25 mph, and no I do not care. I have 1200 pounds of shifting weight in that trailer.

I will start braking for the light way in advance, even if it is still green. It takes approximately 400 feet to get my truck and trailer to a complete stop, where as your car takes only 310 feet to stop.

2. Do not cut me off. I can’t swerve and change lanes.

3. Do not drive too closely behind me. Even when I don’t have a trailer, I should be able to see your headlights in my mirrors. If I have a trailer and still can’t see your headlights- BACK UP. If you were to not be able to stop in time, you would be smashing directly into my horse. There have been so many accidents that have led to horses being killed on the spot, or having to be put down on the scene. If you were to kill, or even injure my horse because you were too ignorant to drive at a safe distance away, I hope you have a good lawyer.

Please, please, please, understand that I have done everything I can do to keep my horse safe and stress free during her trailer ride. I’m not asking for much from you. In fact, all I’m asking is that you be considerate of my driving, and that you drive safely around my trailer. If you want to pass me, that’s fine. I understand that not everyone has time to be stuck behind a trailer. But please, pass with care.


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