• Shannon Stambaugh

Chasing the Dream: Part 1

My entire life, my Dad has been self employed. I've watched him struggle, I've watched him work harder than anyone I know, but I've also watched what it has done for our family. It allowed my brother and I to get on the bus in front of our horse (or someone else's, if we missed our stop) every morning instead of going to an early morning daycare. It allowed us more family time. But one thing that stood out to me, was how admirable everyone found my Dad to be.

My Dad knows everyone. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. Literally, everywhere we go, he finds some sort of connection to someone there. And anytime I told people I was "Don Stambaugh's daughter," I always got a comment about how great my Dad is. How he always goes the extra mile for anyone and everyone. How he gives 110% on every job that he does. And what a generous guy he truly is.

I want to be that person.

I want to be able to spend time with my family. I want to be able to get my (future) kids on the bus every morning. I want to be self-sufficient.

Today, my hobby business became an LLC.Today, I became a business owner.Today, I am one step closer to my ultimate dream.

The dream isn't just about the family time and the idea of being totally self-employed. The dream is built on my love for horses and my passion for growth. Watching my students have an "ah-hah!" moment when they finally realize that in order to keep a horse on the bit through a turn, they can't drop their outside rein, or when they realize just how much leg they really need to keep their forward motion in a rollback turn in their jump-off round.

One day, I'll wake up and walk out to my own barn. I'll spend the day training horses, teaching lessons, and caring for my old, retired, Elly. I'll watch the school bus drop off my daughter and the neighbor girls, and I'll watch as they race up the driveway and see who can get to their pony first. This is my dream, and this is my story. #ChasingtheDream.


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