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Shannon Stambaugh

Head Trainer

My name is Shannon Stambaugh and I've spent my entire life around horses in one aspect or another. I grew up on my grandparents' Standardbred breeding farm learning the ins and outs of horse ownership at a young age. I began taking lessons as soon as I was old enough. Back then, most programs wouldn't accept riders under the age of 8. This is the reason we created our Tiny Tot program. I rode in a YMCA lesson program for many years before my parents bought me my own horse. As I packed up for college, I rehomed my first horse and took a 3-year hiatus from the horse world to focus on my school work. In my senior year of college, I purchased my second horse, Elly, and began hunter/jumper training with her. We attended many local shows in the area and she carried me through my first A-Rated show at the World Equestrian Center. During this time I began offering riding lessons to a few students to supplement my income from my serving job at the time. After graduating from Kent State with a degree in Communication Studies, I began a 9-5 marketing job and continued teaching lessons in the evenings. It became clear that my heart was in training horses and teaching riders, so in July of 2019 Carpe Diem Equestrian became a legal LLC. That August, I left my marketing job to pursue the horses full time, and never looked back!

Teaching, guiding, and inspiring these young riders has given my life a whole new purpose. I am so blessed to have a wonderful friend/assistant trainer in my corner 24/7, and the most supportive family. Running a lesson, training, and showing program has been a dream come true, and I look forward to many years of new friendships and experiences along the way!

Deanna Ailes

Assistant Trainer

 My name is Deanna Ailes and I’ve been riding horses since I was 10 years old. My equestrian career all began when I found a YMCA Camp Tippecanoe brochure in my parent’s trash can. I saw the words “own your own horse for a week” and I was hooked. That began a lifelong journey into learning how to ride, teach and become part of a team. I attended Camp Tippecanoe as a camper until the age of 17, when I began working there. Throughout the years, I became certified through CHA to teach through Advanced, which is the highest level, and to run overnight pack trips throughout the Appalachian foothills. I spent 2 summers as the Director of the girl’s riding camp, ages 13-17 where I was responsible for up to 12 girls for 1 week at a time, 15 horses, and all activities. Many years after that were spent teaching lessons, guiding/ organizing overnight pack trips with the horses, and assisting with programs. I’ve been on the Equine Board for the Camp for the past 6 years and continue to help with the programs yearly. After being the Director of the girl’s program, I moved to Long Island NY, where I trained and showed in Hunter/ Jumper programs.

I met Shannon before Carpe Diem Equestrian became a reality and saw unbelievable, unlimited potential in her and began to assist with lessons. With the successful program, growing and expanding, I’ve become an insured instructor, coach for shows, and remain an enormous supporter of both Shannon and the team. I can’t think of a better way to share knowledge or spend my time. Come join us!


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